15 Most Dangerous Bridges In The World


Bhumibol Bridges, Thailand

Bhumibol Bridges, Thailand

The Chao Phraya river in bustling Thailand has been around since ancient times, but it’s only in the last 100 years that bridges have provided crossing points from one bank to the opposite bank.

But that doesn’t mean there’s not many bridges crossing this busy river! There are many, and one (or two) of note are the Bhumibol bridges. Called Bhumibol 1 and 2, they both form part of the super busy ring road that connects Southern Bangkok with the Samut Prakan province. This essential ring road is 13km long and provides an important industrial route for the area’s Khlong Toei Port. The Bhumibol Bridge crosses the Chao Phraya river twice (hence there being a Bhumibol 1 – the northern bridge and a Bhumibol 2 – the southern bridge). Each is constructed from metal cables and is supported by two pylons that form a diamond shape.

At one end is an interchange section of road that is suspended 50 metres in the air. So if the length of these bridges, supported by metal ropes doesn’t add an element of danger, the suspended road certainly will! (Oh and motorcycles are banned from using the bridge due to safety reasons…)