15 Most Dangerous Bridges In The World


Slater Bridge, England

Slater Bridge in the delightfully named Little Langdale in Cumbria in the north of England looks like it was made by magicians. Made from rocks, this tiny bridge is constructed from one large central rock and several long slate slabs, that look like they’ve been glued together into a shallow archway.

But since it was built in ancient times, we can assume that no glue was used at all in the making of this cute bridge! It crosses the River Brathay and connects the villages of Little Langdale and Elterwater, and is still in use for today’s hikers, walkers and Cumbrians about their daily lives.

More cobbled than the cobbliest street, we guess the danger in this bridge is crossing it in anything other than sensible walking boots. It forms part of the 6km long walk from High Tilberthwaite to Little Langdale and is one of a pair of identical bridges along this scenic and winding route that’s popular with walkers. Just mind your foot underneath, and you won’t end up having to pick yourself out of the babbling River Brathay! And if you visit the nearby Three Shires pub before tackling this walk, be even more careful…