15 Most Dangerous Bridges In The World


Ai Petri Bridge, Ukraine

Ai Petri Bridge, Ukraine

Located high in the stunning Crimean Mountains, the precarious-looking Ai Petri Bridge is for sensation seekers. Strung between craggy peaks at 4,000 feet up, the simple cable suspension bridge looks rather rickety.

To take a step out onto its plank-lined walkway requires courage. Moreover, this is an unforgiving spot. Whilst the low clouds and fog make it feel mysterious, the 100 miles per hour winds make the place actually dangerous.

On clear days, the views out over Yalta, Alupka and the Black Sea are impressive, it’s true, but this is a terrifying place to traverse and visitors tend to be few and far between. Make sure to look out for the famed stone cross that sticks out from the summit before once again braving the bridge, the howling winds and beginning your descent. You’ll be relieved to make it back in one piece.