15 Most Dangerous Bridges In The World


Quepos Bridge, Costa Rica

The Quepos Bridge has got two alternative names — the Bridge of Death and the Oh My God Bridge. Needless to say, neither one inspires much confidence.

Linking Jaco and Quepos on Costa Rica’s Central Pacific Coast, this fragile structure dates back to the 1930s, built to aid the thriving banana trade upon which the local economy’s fortunes have been built. Unfortunately, little (or nothing) appears to have been done to improve or upgrade the crossing during the subsequent decades.

The bridge is narrow, although this is the least of its problems. The road surface is constructed from planks, although these are not nailed down and, unsecured, the wooden beams rattle and move with each vehicle that is driven across. Bikes and cars head over here on a regular basis, as well as heavy trucks and lorries, with each crossing taking its toll on the decaying structure. Quepos isn’t called the Bridge of Death for nothing. You have been warned.