15 Most Dangerous Bridges In The World


Storseisundet Bridge, Norway

Storseisundet Bridge, Norway

Storseisundet looks more like a roller coaster than a road bridge. Don’t like thrills and spills? This might be one to avoid.

With its sharp bends and dips and drops, it’s the longest of the eight bridges that make up the Atlantic Road. Storseisundet is 260 metres (850 ft) long and one of the most spectacular bridges in the world. Indeed, once you start crossing it, you realize that it seems to disappear in front of you as you go.

In addition, the Atlantic road is an area known for high winds, including hurricanes and rain, and huge waves often crash over the bridge, which, despite its size, doesn’t escape the constant bombardment. A crossing is then a white-knuckle ride, with the ups and the downs often giving the illusion that the end of the bridge has disappeared into the fierce waters below. Will you be brave enough to cross it?