15 Most Dangerous Bridges In The World


Mount Hua Trail, China

Mount Hua Trail, China

Tourists jostle for space on the Huashan Plank road, wooden beams bolted to a mountainside in China’s Shaanxi province, far from the ground below, with little to cling onto.

It’s a terrifying experience, yet one that continues to prove popular, with visitor numbers surging and no shortage of those keen to test their courage in the most extreme environment imaginable.

Located one hour from Xi’an, just getting here is a serious undertaking, with rickety-looking ladders to be climbed, narrow ledges to negotiate and few passing points to facilitate the two-way traffic.

The views from Mount Hua are stunning, although those brave enough to step out onto the Plankwalk tend to find that it’s best not to look down. There’s a small shrine to explore at the end, but do be sure to take care. Huashan is considered one of the most dangerous hikes on Earth, with as many as 100 lives lost on the trail each year.