15 Most Dangerous Bridges In The World


Vitim River Bridge, Russia

It’s hard to believe that anyone would attempt to drive across the rotting Vitim River Bridge, yet for those seeking adventure and excitement in Siberia, it often proves a challenge too great to resist.

Once a rail bridge, the structure has long since fallen into disrepair, its wooden platform decaying and its dangers all too obvious. The bridge measures just six feet across and is not much wider than most modern motor vehicles. With no rail or barrier, there’s little to stop drivers plunging into the freezing waters below.

Siberia is cold — really cold — and, to make matters worse, the bridge is often covered with snow or, worse, a thick layer of ice that just adds to the danger. Some 1900 feet from end to end, once you’re on, there can be no turning back. Definitely one to avoid, but if you simply cannot resist, our best advice is to take it slow and steady.