15 Most Dangerous Bridges in the World

Captain William Moore Bridge, Alaska

Constructed in 1976, the Captain William Moore Bridge in Alaska in America, rises majestically 100 feet up above the Moore Creek Gorge. This gorge had carved its way through the landscape over millennia, creating a huge gaping hole between the rock formations. As communities grew around the area, it became clear that a road bridge was needed in the area to help industries grow and communities thrive.

Now a daily commuting bridge, the surrounding scenery is unlike any you may get if you’re a city dweller, commuting on public transport. However, with this amount of daily usage, which would have been unprecedented in the 1970s, the bridge has become quite dilapidated. With a 100 foot drop, the last thing a car needs is for the bridge to fail, so locals have been trying to think of ways to restore it to its former glory without the inconvenience of closing it.

Part of the busy Klondike Highway, if you’re in this area of the world, will you be brave enough to continue your journey over the Captain William Moore Bridge? (Is now a good time to also add in that it passes over an active earthquake fault line’)


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