15 Most Dangerous Bridges in the World

Marienbrücke, Germany

Marienbr'cke, Germany

Built way back in 1840, the Marienbrücke bridge in Germany was built by Prince Maximilian II for his friend Mary. Quite the grand gesture, it’s said that he had it built as a romantic token of his love, but we’re unsure whether she gave him her hand in marriage or not.

What we do know is, that this pretty bridge stretches between the hilly and rocky landscapes of Bavaria, and provides fantastic views of the nearby Neuschwanstein Castle. Translating into Queen Mary’s Bridge in English (unsurprisingly), this structure resides 90 metres above the Pöllat River and offers picture postcard views of the castle and the surrounding lush green spaces. With breath taking views when you look downwards too, those with vertigo had best leave this bridge alone and explore the castle instead. The Queen Mary’s Bridge has been repaired and restored several times, but happily some of the original metalwork remains.

The ultimate in crowd pleasing bridges, this bridge offers scenic views, an element of danger (when you look down) and romanticism. Ideal if you’re with a partner or travel group of buddies who are all looking for different things from a day trip in Germany. What more does a tourist need? Beer, perhaps? Well, when in Bavaria.


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