15 Most Dangerous Bridges in the World

Gateshead Millennium Bridge, England

Gateshead Millennium Bridge

Now for something completely different, and exciting ‘ the world’s first tilting bridge! The Gateshead Millennium Bridge in Newcastle in the north east of England is still to this day also the only tilting bridge in the world.
Crossing the River Tyne (put into lyrics forevermore after the song Fog on the Tyne) this bridge connects Gateshead to Newcastle and is the only pedestrian and cycle bridge over the River Tyne.

Said to resemble an eyelid, this tilting bridge rotates to allow big ships to pass underneath. The Gateshead Millennium Bridge is made from steel and is 126 metres long with a span of 105 metres and an arch height of 50 metres. Since opening in 2001 it’s won several awards and visitors and locals alike flock to this tourist attraction to watch the tilt. It’s earned itself the brilliant nickname of the Blinking (or Winking) Eye Bridge.

Lowered into place in one piece by what must have been extremely strong cranes, it has six hydraulic rams that rotate the bridge when ships need to pass. This process only takes four and a half minutes but sadly for thrill seekers, it will only tilt when there’s no pedestrians or cyclists on it!


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