15 Most Dangerous Bridges in the World

Duge Bridge, China

Hands up if you want to know where the world’s highest bridge is? Ever the servants, we’ve found it for you ‘ it’s the Duge Bridge in the Guizhou province in China. It stands at a humongous 565 metres high and has a span of 720 metres.

This bridge is a cable stayed bridge and is an awesome sight from afar. It also provides spectacular views when crossing it (if you dare). Crossing the Beipanjiang River near Duge (which translates into English as the North Winding River) the Duge Bridge opened in 2016. Below it, there are vertical, sheer droops of limestone cliffs that are so mighty, the river at their foot is often in the shade for most of the day, and is barely visible from the bridge. Despite how terrifying a thought it must be to drive along the length of this bridge knowing what a sheer drop extends below, this road bridge is used by thousands each day.

Prior to its opening, this area wasn’t passable by car or truck, but now it’s opened up a whole new route for traders, locals and industry. So now you know where the world’s highest bridge is, and that it passes over a terrifying drop, the question is ‘ are you daring enough to travel across it?


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