15 Most Dangerous Bridges in the World

Danyang’Kunshan Grand Bridge, Shanghai

Measuring a whopping 165km long (yes, that’s kilometres!) the Danyang’Kunshan Grand Bridge in Shanghai is officially the longest bridge in the world. A newbie to the world of bridges, this beast was opened to the public in 2011 after taking 10,000 people a total of four years to construct it.

It provides a rail connection between Shanghai and Nanjing in the Jiangsu province helping to ease congestion and allow for easier transport for workers commuting between the two areas. Constructed of many smaller sections, it’s officially a viaduct bridge. These smaller sections allowed the designers, engineers and construction workers to deal with the vast differences in terrain that the bridge needed to cross including smaller rivers, canals, flatlands, hills and rice fields.

They also allow the bridge flexibility which might sound alarming, but is necessary for it to be able to rise, fall, twist and turn with the different terrains and climates. It needed lots of reinforcement too, especially in the areas where it crosses flood plains, with their notoriously soft soil. Once on this bridge, you’re on it for a long time, so hold onto your hat, take a deep breath and enjoy the ride!


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