15 Most Dangerous Bridges in the World

Confederation Bridge, Canada

Looking for a stunning bridge that crosses ice covered water? Actually, scrap that. Are you looking for a stunning bridge that crosses ice covered water, that’s the longest of its kind in the entire world? Yes? (Who isn’t?) Then look no further than the Confederation Bridge in New Brunswick in Canada.

This bridge is immense and stretches for just short of 13km over the icy waters of the Northumberland Straight. It connects Borden-Carleton on Prince Edward Island to Cape Jourimain on the Canadian mainland in New Brunswick.
Built to withstand the harsh ice flows coupled with the high winds of the Canadian winters, the Confederation Bridge is expected to last 100 years. Which when you think that most bridges are expected to last for around half of that, is pretty awesome. And a bit scary.

Although perhaps the most dangerous thing about this bridge was the construction. Can you imagine building that? The construction workers, 90% of which were Atlantic Canadians, of 1997 could certainly tell some tales. Built from 175 major structural parts, some weighing more than 7,500 tonnes, put together with an accuracy of 2cm sounds about as dangerous as a bridge can get.


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