15 Most Dangerous Bridges in the World

Pont de Singe, England

French for monkey bridge, the Pont de Singe bridge in North West England is made from cedar wood, but amazingly, seemingly ‘floats’ in the air as it’s held in place by three huge helium filled balloons evenly spaced along its length.

Anyone with a fear of heights or water (or both) would be advised not to cross this bridge! Made in the style of a rope bridge, it crosses a beautiful lake in the historic Tatton Park. It was constructed for the Tatton Park Biennial which in 2012 had a flight theme, and it might just feel like you’re flying when crossing this bridge, located in a peaceful Japanese themed area of the park. But not when you look at the ends of the rope bridge, as they were designed to extend into the water so that the ends can’t be seen making it as fluid as the water below.

Technically, visitors are prohibited from using this scary bridge, but it has been constructed so that it’s strong enough to hold the weight of a human brave enough to cross it. It was built and set in place by human hands, so at some point, humans have walked this bridge, and we’re told, no one got wet. Would you be brave enough to cross?


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