15 Most Dangerous Bridges in the World

Iya Kazurabashi Bridge, Japan

Iya Kazurabashi Bridge

Located deep in Mount Tsurugi Quasi National Park, there were once 13 such bridges spanning the various valleys here. Just three survive these days, the others having long since collapsed and disappeared from sight.

Strung between cedar trees and constructed, using traditional methods, from vines, the Iya Kazurabashi Bridge has at least been reinforced in order to meet modern standards. Yet that doesn’t make it less terrifying to cross.

Natural materials were used so that the bridges could be hacked down easily in case of attack and, for all that the bridge has been strengthened, it isn’t difficult to imagine the vines breaking apart and the bridge (and all those on it) plunging to the valley floor below. Made from planks that are spaced far apart in places, the walkway does little to inspire confidence. Make sure to hold on to the ropes!


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