15 Most Dangerous Bridges in the World

Geumgang Bridge, South Korea

Otherwise known as the Cloud Bridge, the Geumgang Bridge crosses the spectacularly beautiful Daedunsan Mountain in South Korea. Known for its stunning bursts of autumnal oranges, browns and yellows as the trees change colour for Autumn, this mountain is revered throughout Korea for its beauty and its romance.

But the Geumgang Bridge, at 50 metres long is breathtaking in a different way. A suspension bridge, it’s been built 81 metres above ground and forms a passing between two rocky mounds either side of a deep but narrow canyon.

Despite its height, the Cloud Bridge is quite the tourist hot spot. But it’s said that most tourists can’t wait to get off, and tend to walk over it at a fair pace, screaming as they go. If you do walk across it, and you’re brave enough, make sure you take a moment to stop and look down. The reward will far outweigh the fear!

At the end of the bridge is an extremely steep, exposed stairway where you can listen out for more screams from nervous hikers crossing the bridge. The stairway does lead up to some local eateries where you can sample some Korean delicacies though. Perhaps your reward for looking down over the deep canyon below.


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