15 Most Dangerous Bridges in the World

Mur Island Bridge, Austria

Another relatively new bridge, constructed in 2003, the Mur Island Bridge (also known as the Aiola Island Bridge) was always meant to form a temporary structure as part of the manmade Ailoa Island. Situated in Graz, in Austria, it was built to commemorate the city being the 2003 European City of Culture.

But like so many structures that we humans fall in love with, this pedestrian bridge was saved from demolition after 2003. The island, which is accessible as a floating platform, and the bridge, were intended to be moved elsewhere but still now they remain in place in Graz.

Now tested for its permanency and safety as a full time structure, it’s expected to stay in place for up to 50 years. Spiral shaped, the Mur Island Bridge was designed to integrate with nature, and link the area of beauty to the nearby city. Previously, the area was pretty much inaccessible by foot.

Made from steel and glass, the bridge is supported by two invisible pillars, giving it the impression that it’s floating. Nervous pedestrians might not want to think about the entire structure being supported by just two pillars though, as it could be quite overwhelming.


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