15 Most Dangerous Bridges in the World

Taman Negara Canopy Walkway, Malaysia

Located in the lush jungle canopy, Taman Negara’s famed walkway provides a unique perspective on some of Malaysia’s natural wonders. The trouble is it’s really high and stepping out onto the narrow passages that are strung between the trees can be harder than you might at first imagine.

With its interconnecting sections measuring more than 1,700 feet in total, this is one of the longest canopy walks in the world and, with the platform suspended some 100 feet above the ground below, you’ll be well advised to not look down.

Getting here is a challenge in itself, requiring a long trek or a boat ride into the heart of the National Park, and it isn’t an undertaking to be treated lightly. Concerns about the walkway’s safety have been raised in recent times, so unless you’re prepared to accept the risks involved, it might be best to find something else to do.


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