15 Most Dangerous Bridges in the World

Suspension Glass Bridge, China

Suspension Glass Bridge

Spanning China’s ‘Grand Canyon’, the Zhangjiajie Glass Bridge is an awe-inspiring sight. Both the longest and the tallest glass-bottomed bridge on Earth, this is a passage that has proved popular since its official unveiling in 2016.

So popular in fact that, with 80,000 visitors a day stepping onto its glass walkway, the bridge had to be closed for a time, not long after its opening, in order to check that it could cope with all those keen to test their courage in the spectacular Hunan province.

Stretching more than 1,400 feet between two tree-lined mountains, the views are stunning, but you might choose not to look down, with the bridge suspended 980 feet above the ground below. Numbers are limited now, with no more than 800 people allowed access at any one time, but it can still feel crowded. Feeling brave? Be sure to look out for the bungee platform halfway across.


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