15 Most Dangerous Bridges in the World

Capilano Suspension Bridge, Canada

The Capilano Suspension Bridge draws huge crowds of visitors every year and is ranked as one of Vancouver’s most popular destinations. Built in 1889 by Scottish civil engineer George Grant Mackay, the 460-foot bridge was constructed of hemp rope and cedar planks.

Once the bridge was in place, Mackay’s property became popular among his friends who took the name ‘the Capilano Tramps’ to mark themselves as the adventurous types who would dare cross the swaying bridge.

The Capilano Bridge soon developed a reputation for danger and, although it has been rebuilt and reinforced down the years, it kept its character. Strong wire cables have long since replaced the hemp rope, whilst the concrete supports that were added in the 1950s mean that a bridge that spans 450 feet is a great deal sturdier than the one that was first built here. Yet, whilst the glorious views out over the tree-lined cliffs and shimmering river are a treat, it might still be a little unnerving to cross it.


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