15 Most Dangerous Bridges in the World

Longjiang Suspension Bridge, China

You’ll need quite a head for heights to tackle China’s immense Longjiang Suspension Bridge. Ranked amongst the highest on Earth, sitting almost 1,000 feet above the rushing river below, it’s a remarkable sight.

Longjiang River is the most beautiful river in the city of Tengchong, often obscured beneath the drifting mists and low-level clouds in Yunnan. Whilst the bridge’s vast scale must be seen to be believed, the fear it provokes in those unprepared is very real.

Longjiang is not just tall, it’s also very long, spanning close to 4,000 feet across the great canyon that once required a sizeable detour. It’s perhaps no surprise that nervous travellers still prefer to take the much longer route in order to avoid going across. Connecting Baoshan and Tengchong – and boasting a huge unsupported middle section – Longjiang is much used. Sidewalks were also included in the the design so people can walk along the bridge and see their surroundings from a new angle.


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