15 Most Dangerous Bridges in the World

Devil’s Bridge, Germany

Devil's Bridge, Germany

Situated in Saxony in Germany, the scarily named Devil’s Bridge (known locally as the Rakotzbr’cke) is more of an archway, that crosses a stunning lake in the equalling stunning Kromalu Park.

It looks as if it’s a feat of nature, perhaps a circular rock formation, made after a landslide in prehistoric times, but the Devil’s Bridge is actually manmade. It was designed to form a full circle from its reflection in the crystal clear and still waters below when the sun shines on it. And it’s certainly matched that brief, as the thousands of Instagram pictures of it show.

Aside from just being a social media starlet, this stunning bridge is named so because of its association with mythical tales of the devil. One of many devil’s bridges in Europe, it’s a medieval bridge with plenty of folklore surrounding it.

Although in today’s modern era it’s no longer possible to physically cross the bridge due to safety reasons, visiting the area can still evoke the mystique of years gone by. It’s so tranquil, we’d suggest visiting and taking a moment to close your eyes and listen out for ghosts of the past. Because perhaps trolls under devil’s bridges really are real?


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