15 Most Dangerous Bridges in the World

Trift Bridge, Switzerland

Suspended over beautiful Lake Triftsee, Switzerland’s Trift Bridge is a terrifying sight. It’s long — spanning 560 feet between craggy Alpine cliffs — and it’s narrow. It’s also high, some 330 feet above the rocks and the waters below, making it a crossing only for the courageous.

Located close to Gadmen in the spectacular Swiss Alps, the bridge leads the way to the much-visited Trift Glacier, a popular destination for sightseers, although just reaching this point is quite an undertaking.

Take a cable car and then hike — uphill — for around one-and-a-half hours and, at last, you’ll reach the bridge. The question is, after all that effort, do you still feel brave enough to cross? Plenty don’t, with the narrow planks strung high over the lake below a step too far. The views here are magnificent, but you might only want to stick with the hike.


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