15 Most Dangerous Bridges in the World

Mystery Bridge, Indonesia

Bridges don’t get much more dangerous than this. If, that is, this can actually be called a bridge. There’s precious little to it — no handrail and no walkway, at least not in the traditional sense, this ranking amongst the most basic crossings that we’ve ever come across.

Still, though, local people use it on a regular basis to get across the river below. That alone, perhaps, is the mystery that gives the so-called bridge its name.

Feeling brave? You’ll need great courage to step out onto the sagging rope that spans the river below. The drop isn’t great, it’s true, but the waters can be deep here and the current deceptively strong, so taking a dip is not recommended. Take it slow, hold on for dear life and don’t look down. Oh, and just hope that you don’t meet anyone coming across in the opposite direction.


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