15 Most Dangerous Bridges in the World

Moses Bridge, Netherlands

Perhaps one of the least ‘bridge looking’ bridges on this list of the world’s scariest bridges, the Moses Bridge in the Netherlands is almost invisible.

Built as part of recent a restoration programme after the area was neglected and fell to ruin in the 19th Century, the bridge forms part of the West Brabant Line of fortresses and ancient cities built in the area in the 17th Century.

The Moses Bridge is a genius solution to beautifying the area around the largest fort, the Fort de Roovere. Much thought was put into transforming the area into a place ideal for hiking and cycling, and the Moses Bridge forms a sort of ‘trench’ across the moat. Made from waterproof wood, it’s invisible against the landscape and damns either side are controlled to avoid the ‘bridge’ becoming flooded.

With a distinct feel that the waters of this outstandingly beautiful area have parted for you, it’s little wonder this bridge is named after Moses. Its genius lies in the fact it’s almost invisible until you approach it, so as not to spoil the landscape, and crossing it always comes with a sprinkling of fear that it might just flood.


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