15 Most Dangerous Bridges in the World

Montenegro Rainforest, Costa Rica

Located deep in the thick Costa Rican rainforest, with its lush jungle landscapes and exotic insects and animals, this is a crossing that always calls for considerable courage. For one thing, it’s high up — set in the tallest treetops and the spectacular forest canopy. For another, it looks rather rickety.

Fashioned from wood and its well-worn platform missing boards in several places, this is a bridge that is perhaps best avoided. It forms a long network of passages through the trees, with one crossing leading to another, each one as precarious as the last.

The views are stunning from up here, but with the looming canyon below, and the bridges swaying from side to side, the rewards come with certain risks. Be sure to look out for the wildlife, with fierce jaguars prowling and snakes an ever-present danger amongst the thick jungle foliage.


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