10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist


Boiling River

Boiling River

Science suggests it isn’t possible for a river to reach such temperatures. Yet hidden deep in the Peruvian Amazon, researchers have uncovered evidence to the contrary. Here, in Puerto Inca, the Boiling River continues to defy scientific norms.

It isn’t quite boiling. But it is very hot. Located in Peru’s dense jungle, the Boiling River reaches temperatures close to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Tempted to take a dip? You shouldn’t. The waters here are hot enough to burn — and in some instances, kill.

The Boiling River is a sacred place and local shaman believe the waters have healing powers. Scientists have long been baffled and explaining this place is difficult. But it’s thought underwater fault lines are responsible — the waters being heated deep underground before being pushed back to the surface. The Boiling River ranks amongst the largest geothermal features on Earth. It’s hard to believe such a place actually exists, but there’s no arguing with the evidence.