10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist


Mendenhall Caves

Located close to Juneau in southeast Alaska, the Mendenhall Caves must be seen to be believed. It doesn’t seem possible at first glance. But the exquisite ice caves here do exist — beckoning adventurers, explorers and all with an eye for the unusual and otherworldly. Like to take a look? Take our advice and make haste. The frozen caves here are starting to shrink as climate change takes its toll, and these won’t be around forever.

It is thought that the caves date back 3,000 years — with the water that flows through a vast glacier having carved out long corridors that lie beneath frozen blue ceilings. The partially-hollow glacier is 12 miles from one end to the other. But two miles have been lost since 1958 — and the rate of thaw is getting faster and faster. Getting to Mendenhall isn’t easy, with a challenging climb and kayak required. But those who make the journey have no complaints, and this is a destination well worth making the effort to visit.

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Author: Paul
Date: 16 December 2019