10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist


Tianzi Mountain

Tianzi’s alien summits might appear impossible. But these pillar-like peaks do exist — as countless explorers and adventurers can attest. Located close to Zhangjiajie, in China’s Hunan province, Tianzi proves popular amongst those with an eye for the unusual. Thinking about paying a visit? You’ll never have seen anything quite like this before.

Reaching 4,000 feet into skies that are often thick with fog, Tianzi’s quartz sandstone towers are ancient. These are thought to date back four million years. But with weathering and erosion having taken their toll, the fabled peaks look nothing like they once did. Covered in vegetation — and a popular spot for countless nesting bird species — this is always an interesting place to visit. But such is the mountain’s unusual appearance, you might question whether you’re still on Planet Earth. Indeed, when James Cameron was making the movie Avatar, he took inspiration from the alien landscape here. Stranger than fiction? Take our word for it: such places do exist.

Author: Paul
Date: 16 December 2019