10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist


Devil’s Pool of Australia

Queensland’s Devil’s Pool might look like the perfect place to take a dip. But this is a dangerous spot indeed. Located close to Babinda, not far from Cairns, this is a destination that beckons backpackers and sightseers alike. The days here can be hot — so the temptation to swim is strong. But the waters here have been described as being like a ‘washing machine’ — with the currents strong and the conditions like nowhere else on Earth.

So perilous is the pool that it sometimes seems impossible. But the death toll speaks for itself. More than 17 people are known to have drowned here, yet still thrill seekers ignore the warnings and take risks. Devil’s Pool boasts deep waters that are fast-flowing through the boulders and gullies and, with a ‘rock chute’ that punishes the unprepared, this is one to avoid at all costs. The risks here might seem overblown, but take a dip in Devil’s Pool and death is a real possibility.

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Author: Paul
Date: 16 December 2019