10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist


Gruner See

Gruner See means Green Lake. It’s an apt description. But it doesn’t tell the full story. For those visiting Gruner See during the winter months, this doesn’t seem like a great destination for diving. But the possibilities here are hidden during such times — with Gruner See’s other side not being revealed until spring.

For much of the year, the so-called Green Lake is little more than a shallow pond. But once the mountain snows begin to thaw, the landscape changes in dramatic fashion and the transformation is magical.

The entire basin is flooded, with Styria’s trees, benches and bridges submerged beneath waters that can be up to 40 feet deep during summer. It is a phenomenon that has long attracted divers keen to glimpse this impossible underwater world. The Hochschwab’s mountains and forests have long beckoned outdoor adventurers. But take Gruner See’s other side into account and the possibilities here are endless.