10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist


The Baltic Sea Anomaly

Scientists are very confused by the Baltic Sea Anomaly. Discovered in the dark depths of the Gulf of Bothnia, this is an underwater find that has long stoked debate. Some think that it’s a natural geological formation, whilst others insist it’s a sunken UFO. Either way, this is a strange find that continues to push the realms of possibility.

Treasure hunters combing the ocean floor for historic artifacts happened upon the Anomaly in June, 2011. Known as the Swedish Ocean X team, they even produced a sonar image. But this is indistinct and so unclear that experts remain divided on what, exactly, it shows.

The most rational continue to argue that, whilst unusual, it is possible for volcanic rock to have settled in such a formation. But those pursuing a more far-fetched explanation are adamant this is evidence of life in Outer Space — even pointing out clear similarities in shape with Star Wars’ Millennium Falcon.