10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist


The Michigan Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle enjoys global renown, but in the United States, a similar phenomenon is little known outside Michigan. It too is triangular in nature — this an eerie area in which mysteries endure. Scientists have never managed to get to the bottom of what goes on in the Michigan Triangle. Like its more famous counterpart, this is a place that defies possibilities.

Stretching between Ludington, Benton Harbor and Manitowoc, Wisconsin on Lake Michigan, sailors entering the Triangle are taking a risk. The schooner Thomas Hume disappeared in 1891 with its crew, and no trace has ever been found.

But others have followed and paid a similar price. In 1921, the Rosa Belle was discovered damaged and upturned — its 11 crew members nowhere to be seen. Theories abound, but science has been unable to find an answer. Some think there is a time portal here, whilst others believe UFOs are responsible. Like the Bermuda Triangle, this is an impossible place that actually exists.