10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist


The Nazca Lines of Peru

Peru’s puzzling Nazca Lines have long baffled scientists seeking a plausible explanation. Etched into the hot desert sands, these ancient geoglyphs are enormous. Some dating back to 500BC, their sheer size alone makes them all but impossible to understand. But these head-scratching symbols are real — as all those fortunate enough to have seen them in person can attest.

Comprising more than 10,000 individual lines, there are over 300 figures to find in an area that spans 1,000 square kilometres in this remote corner of South America. It’s hard to believe, but new geoglyphs are being discovered all the time.

Indeed, in 2019, a further 100 figures were found, adding to a tally that was already impressive. Some depict animals and others plants, but all continue to confound those determined to fathom their purpose. Best seen from the air or the neighbouring hilltops, it’s hard to believe that these Peruvian treasures are even possible. But make no mistake about it: the puzzling Nazca Lines are all too real.