10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist


Circles Of Namibia

Countless theories abound, but Namibia’s famed Fairy Circles continue to confound. Located in the arid Namib Desert, these distinctive bare patches have long puzzled the scientific community. Various explanations have been put forward, but none has yet been proved possible.

The indigenous people here believe the circles are caused by the poisonous breath of a subterranean dragon. It seems as likely an explanation as the others put forward. The barren circles measure between two and 15 metres in diameter. There’s no missing them. But understanding them is another matter. Some think rampant termites are responsible.

But others point to the region’s inhospitable nature, and argue that the efficient plant life has organised itself in order to best access the desert’s scarce water reserves. Regardless of the reason, the precision of the perfect circles makes them impossible to comprehend. Could it be the dragon — or maybe the other myths that are commonplace here? As things stand, science has failed to find a better answer.