10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist


The Sea of Stars

The stunning Sea of Stars is a sight to behold. This might appear to transcend the possible, but there can be no question that this phenomenon is in rude health.

Found in the Maldives, the lapping waves look like the night sky, filled with bright lights, twinkling like stars in the ocean. It’s all down to plankton — microscopic organisms that make the impossible possible. The dazzling effect could not be more magical.


Like to see the ‘stars’ for yourself? Vaadhoo Island, part of the picturesque Raa Atoll, is a prime spot — with the late summer months the best time to visit. The bioluminescent plankton are often at their brightest here, with the movement of the waves prompting a chemical reaction that causes the ‘stars’ to shine. It might seem too good to be true. But the Sea of Stars is there for all to see. Far from impossible, this is a destination that demands a visit.