10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist

The Blue Pond of Hokkaido

The Blue Pond of Hokkaido<

The Blue Pond’s fabled waters are almost impossibly colourful. Located close to the popular hot spring town of Shirogane Onsen in Japan, this is a place that beckons those with an eye for the unusual. The pond itself is man-made, but the intriguing bright blue waters within are all natural.

Yet they also seem supernatural, and we could definitely add this lake to our list of places that look like from another planet. The pond’s origins date back to the 1980s, when nearby Mount Tokachi erupted, threatening the small town of Biel. In order to reduce the risks that were posed by lava flows and mud slides, a dam was built to help strengthen Biel’s defences. This led to several ponds forming — including the Blue Pond.

The main reason for the vibrant hue that provides the Blue Pond’s name is the high level of aluminium hydroxide that can be found in the water. The white birch and Japanese larch trees which stand in the middle of the lake are adding to the Blue Pond mystical aura, and it’s definitely a spot you want add to your travel bucket list.


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