10 Scientifically Impossible Places That Actually Exist

Lake Karachay

Planning a trip to Russia? This is a spot to avoid at all costs. Lake Karachay’s scenic shoreline is considered the most polluted place on the planet. In the 1990s, tests revealed that just standing close to the lake for a single hour would, in all likelihood, result in death.

The big problem here is radiation. For decades, the Soviets worked on a top secret atomic bomb project in this remote region. The radioactive waste? It was all dumped into Lake Karachay. Convenient, perhaps. But this came at quite a cost.

The landscape here might be beautiful, but it’s also deadly. Science might suggest that such levels of radiation are impossible, but the slapdash Soviets have proved otherwise. The lake has since been filled in, but risks remain, with the soil here presenting grave dangers to human health. The Russian government has restricted access, meaning it’s impossible to visit — not that you’d want to.


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