10 Incredible Reasons To Visit Bali

4. The beaches are quite simply, idyllic

Bali beach

What’s your beach style? Boho and calm? Colourful and bustling? Or perhaps somewhere in between? Either way, never fear, because there’s a beach for everyone in Bali.

Near to the airport, so that you can stretch your legs after that long flight, is the resort of Kuta. Busy and vibrant, you’ll be able to buy cold drinks, the freshest of fruits, sarongs and those all-important boho bracelets for your wrists and ankles from the hawkers that regularly walk the beaches.

Further afield is Seminyak beach. Popular with trendsetters, this hipster beach has a party vibe that extends well into the night time. Best for surfers and confident swimmers as the tide is strong, this beach is exotic, hot and sassy.

If you’re looking for a relaxed, desert island vibe, then look no further than Sanur beach, considered the antithesis of Kuta beach. Or, for five star luxury, it has to be Jimbaran beach.

Or, you could completely wing it, take a look at Google maps and discover your very own beach perfection!


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