10 Incredible Reasons To Visit Bali

2. The cost of living is low

Bali market

Flying to Bali from the UK is lengthy (around 16 hours, with additional stopover time, usually in the Middle East such as Dubai or Doha) and for this reason, costs considerably more than your average flight to mainland Europe.

But Bali is far from average. And once you get there, you can forget worrying about the cost of anything. Accommodation, eating and drinking, travel, excursions and treats such as massages and manicures are all very low cost. If you love shopping for a bargain, markets selling clothes, jewellery and curiosities are also much cheaper than anything you’d find back home in the UK, and there’s always someone willing to barter with you.

Travelling around is also very cost effective and easy, making Bali the ideal place for moving about to see more of what’s on offer.


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