10 Incredible Reasons To Visit Bali

1. The weather is idyllic all year round

Bali Weather

Most days on the island of Bali are warm and humid, but not oppressively so. You can expect an average daily temperature of around 31°C. (Phew, hot but not desert hot!) However, despite the all year round warmth, Bali has two main seasons – the wet season and the dry season.

The wet season is generally between October and April, but even so, it doesn’t rain continuously. But when it does, it’s pretty spectacular! Getting caught in a Bali shower is nothing like finding yourself in a downpour without an umbrella in a UK city on the commute home. It’s refreshing, magnificent, awesome and still warm, so you’ll dry off in no time.

However, for the warm weather with lower humidity and less chance of rain, then the best time to visit is between May and August. June, July and August do tend to be windier, so it’s good to keep this in mind – if you’re looking for unspoilt sunbathing-with-a-book perfection, May is probably your best bet.


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