10 Incredible Reasons To Visit Bali


10. The cuisine is divine

Balinese cuisine

Hidden among all these beautiful beaches, temples, gifts to the gods and warm welcomes is the Balinese cuisine. Perhaps overlooked by all that Bali has to offer, but by no means less impressive, the cuisine here is very diverse.

With plenty of international food on offer, the Balinese do global cuisine very well. It’s almost like you’re in a bustling cosmopolitan city, yet with a backdrop of beaches and lush greenery. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it.

Since Bali is so close geographically to Australia, there’s a definite Aussie theme to many of the higher end restaurants. One, is Sisterfields in super trendy Seminyak. This is an all-day breakfast café, but don’t let that stop you for lunch or dinner, since burgers also feature highly on this menu.

If you’re vegetarian or vegan, then you won’t go hungry in Ubud, the centre of vegan café culture. Clear Café offers everything from freshly made juices and smoothies to divine breakfasts and protein packed salads.

If you’re looking for local food, then hunt down the warungs near to you, serving authentic Indonesian cuisine at a fantastic price. Look out for babi guling, a whole suckling pig roasted over flames, bebek goreng, a crispy duck dish or gado-gado, a vegetable dish served with a satay like peanut sauce.

There’s something for everyone, in Bali!

Fun, adventure, spirituality, warmth and love – whatever you’re looking for, Bali will offer it to you. But watch out, it also has a distinct knack of drawing you in and stealing a piece of your heart. You’ll have no choice but to promise yourself, and Bali, that one day you’ll return to reunite with it…


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