20 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations

Running Of The Bulls

Planning a summer trip to Pamplona? Don’t be tempted to sign up for this. Held here on an annual basis, the Running of the Bulls continues to prove popular. Those taking part are taking their lives in their hands.

The bull run is an ancient tradition here, but that doesn’t make participation a good idea. People always suffer injuries during Pamplona’s famed festival season, often life threatening. Sometimes fatal.

Some 15 people have died taking part in Pamplona’s bull run since records began in 1910 and the risks involved are obvious. Goring causes the most injuries, although crushing is a major hazard as those fleeing the charging cattle run for their lives. Pamplona is the most famous, but the Running of the Bulls also takes part elsewhere in Spain, as well as in Portugal and Mexico. Such is its popularity here, Pamplona’s bull run is even broadcast live, so it’s probably best to watch on TV.


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