20 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations

Devil’s Pool, Zambia

Victoria Falls are a spectacular sight that demand to be seen. More than 5,000 feet wide and over 350 feet tall, this Zambian jewel is classified as the world’s largest waterfall. Like to see the falls at close quarters?

There are no limits here — but taking a dip in Devil’s Pool is a dangerous pursuit. Located close to the Zimbabwean border, adventure seekers flock here in order to test their courage. Thinking about joining them in the warm river waters? You’ll be taking quite a chance.

Devil’s Pool sits right on the edge. There is a rock ledge that, in theory, prevents bathers from going over. But thrill seekers do die here and the warnings should always be heeded. If the falls themselves are not dangerous enough, other hazards lurk in the mysterious Zambezi River. Look out for the giant crocodiles that prowl beneath the surface or, better still, find somewhere safer to cool down and kick back.


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