20 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations

The Danakil Desert, Eritrea

Thinking about visiting the Danakil Desert? You’re taking quite a chance. This inhospitable land ranks amongst the most dangerous places on the planet. Take our advice and reconsider. People do live here, close to the Ethiopian border, but life in Eritrea is tough.

The hottest inhabited spot on Earth, temperatures reach 45C on a regular basis. Factor in the toxic gases that make the air hard to breathe and it’s clear that this is a destination to approach with caution.

Lying in a geological depression far below sea level, Danakil is home to countless lava pools, bubbling sulfur springs, volcanos, and acid lakes. Often called ‘The Gateway to Hell’, its nickname is apt. Bleak and barren, a shortage of breathable oxygen means that those taking a trip are also taking a risk.


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