20 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations


Lake Natron, Tanzania

Thinking about taking a refreshing dip in striking Lake Natron? You should think again. Located in northern Tanzania, not far from the Kenyan border, this is a strange place that calls to the curious.

Got an eye for the unusual? Do take a trip. Just don’t be tempted to swim. The highly-alkaline waters here could not be more hostile to life — and those who get too close tend to regret it.

If red spells danger, the warning signs are obvious. This mineral-rich soda lake catches the eye with its vibrant colours and captivating crust. But this is a poisonous environment that is hostile to life and few creatures choose to make their home here.

The countless flamingos are a notable exception, with Lake Natron’s shores a major breeding ground for the bright pink birds. Pay a visit, take a trip and satisfy your curiosity. Just don’t get too close to Lake Natron’s toxic waters.


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