20 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations

Crocodile Fishing, Thailand

This is an ‘attraction’ to avoid in Thailand. Crocodile fishing has emerged as a trend in recent times with tourists offered the chance to feed giant snapping reptiles using great chunks of meat that are attached to fishing rods.

But such a hazardous practice is not encouraged. The authorities here are keen to close down such enterprises, but still crocodile fishing continues, posing some obvious dangers to those left holding the rods.

This tends to be a popular pursuit in Pattaya, a resort town on Thailand’s sun-kissed eastern Gulf Coast. Tourists here are offered the chance to ‘catch’ a croc. But those tempted to have a go should think again. Sometimes the ‘fishing’ is done from boats. But elsewhere, precarious platforms are overloaded with curious participants lured to crocodile farms to test their luck. Got a bite? Let’s just hope that it’s the right kind.


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