20 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations


Death Road

Feeling brave? You’ll need great courage to travel down the ever-dangerous Death Road. Known also as Yungas Road, this ranks amongst the deadliest routes on Earth. Yet still tourists are drawn to Bolivia to experience the death-defying drive from the capital, La Paz.

Death Road’s nickname could not be more appropriate. Between 200 and 300 people are said to die here on an annual basis. Take a look at the road conditions and it isn’t difficult to understand why.

Death Road was built by Paraguayan prisoners in the 1930s and, although some improvements have been made in subsequent years, it remains hazardous in the extreme. Cut into the striking cliffside, the road is steep and narrow, with countless twists and turns that pose great dangers to those courageous enough to come here. Planning to tackle Death Road? Don’t get too close to the edge. The abyss awaits so be sure to take your time.


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