20 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations


Madidi National Park, Bolivia

Located in the Upper Amazon River Basin, mesmerising Madidi is a natural world like no other. Home to countless exotic plant and animal species, this tropical haven beckons those searching for unspoilt lands.

But this is not a place to underestimate, as unprepared adventurers often discover to their cost. The forest here is thick and dense and getting lost is a constant danger. But losing your bearings is just the start.

Dangerous predators prowl the jungle with panthers amongst the animals seeking their next meal. Then there are the plants. There are more than 20,000 species here and many of them are highly poisonous. Factor in the parasites and the venomous spiders and it’s clear that this is a remote spot to approach with caution. Our best advice? Recruit an experienced local guide and never be tempted to venture out alone.