20 Most Dangerous Tourist Destinations


Skellig Michael, Ireland

Located seven miles off County Kerry’s spectacular coastline, Skellig Michael is a sight to behold. Its twin peaks reach high into the Irish skies, beckoning visitors from the mainland.

Thinking about taking a trip? Do take care. There are three landing points, with each leading to ancient stairways that pose great dangers. Hewn from stone, these are steep and narrow. There is no handrail and the 1000-year-old steps are often slippery. Not realising the risks, tourists often come a cropper and some have even died.

Skellig Michael couldn’t be more exposed, but although the wild weather often takes its toll, this is a place that is well worth a visit. There’s an ancient Gaelic monastery and wonderful wildlife, including puffins, gannets and seals, whilst the island has been used as a location in two films from the new Star Wars series. Tempted? Do take a trip just don’t take a tumble.


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